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SynCat-H Research Group

Innovative strategies for the development of sustainable asymmetric catalysis methodologies. 


Who we are

Based in Strasbourg (France), SynCat-H is a research team within the LIMA Unit (CNRS UMR 7042).

Our work is focused on the development of new and sustainable methodologies and their applications to the development of new materials and the synthesis of pharmaceutical and agrochemical targets.

In particular, we focus on asymmetric catalysis, C–H Activation, and the use of hypervalent bromine.

Research on the CNRS Campus

Our laboratories are located within the European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Material Sciences (ECPM), on the Cronenbourg CNRS campus, in the north of Strasbourg.

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Featured Paper

Challenging Atroposelective C–H Arylation

J. Wencel-Delord, F. Colobert, SynOpen 2020; 04(04): 107-115

DOI: 10.1055/s-0040-1705981

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