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Permanent Staff

Joanna Wencel.jpg
Research Director (CNRS), Group Leader
Dr Sabine Choppin
Senior Lecturer (University of Strasbourg / ECPM)
Prof. Françoise Colobert
Professor Emeritus

PhD Students (France)

Daniel CARTER 🇪🇸
Daniel CARTER 🇪🇸

3rd Year

M.Sc. University of Bristol (2020)

Asymmetric C(sp2)-H activation for the synthesis original materials

Sang TRUONG 🇻🇳
Sang TRUONG 🇻🇳

2nd Year

M.Sc. Université Paris Saclay (2021)

New synthetic methodologies using hypervalent bromines

Lucas MARCHAL 🇫🇷
Lucas MARCHAL 🇫🇷

3rd Year

M.Sc. Uni. of Upper Alsace (2020)

Synthesis of new C-N axially chiral drug candidates via development of new atroposelective C-N couplings

Pascal HAUK 🇨🇭
Pascal HAUK 🇨🇭

3rd Year

M.Sc. University of Basel (2020)

Surfactant-enabled C-H activation for the functionalization of heterocyclic systems

Dehang YIN 🇨🇳
Dehang YIN 🇨🇳

3rd Year

M.Sc. Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (2020)

Asymmetric C(sp3)-H activation for the synthesis of chiral aliphatic building blocks for pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications

PhD students (Germany)

Amandine LUC 🇫🇷

2nd Year

M.Sc. ECPM Strasbourg (2021)

Cobalt catalysed C-H activation; control of axial chirality

Fengjie HUANG 🇨🇳

1st Year

M.Sc. ShanghaiTech University / Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (2022)

Design and synthesis of original chiral ligands for 3d-metal catalyzed asymmetric C-H activation

Sai KOLLA 🇮🇳

1st Year

M.Sc. Acharya Nagarjuna University (2022)

Hypervalent bromines and chlorines as new reagents and catalysts for sustainable organic synthesis

Tomás SAIEGH 🇦🇷🇫🇷

PhD ESPCI Paris (2020), Postdoc Max Planck Institute Mülheim

Synthesis of hypervalent chlorines and their applications in organic synthesis

 (France) Postdocs

Admin staff

photo irene.jpeg
Dr Irene ARRATA (and Ziggy!)
Chief Happiness Officer
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